What we do for you

Proactive support

Support when you need it. 24×7 monitoring alerts us to any impending issues which can be fixed before you even realise there is a problem as our clever monitoring software will try and fix the problem and then alert us if it needs human intervention.

Regular health checks

The secret of keeping a network running smoothly is to keep it well maintained. Our proactive maintenance contracts include regular health checks and data backup restore checks to ensure your backups are usable.


We monitor the condition of your anti virus and operating system patches. We recognise that there are significant risks from leaving your systems unpatched. Of course, we also monitor your backups.

Save you money

Our support packages make sound financial sense by ensuring your systems are functioning and enabling your staff to operate, fixing your costs and freeing you from the nightmare of open ended billing and the additional costs of installation of new hardware, making it easy to keep your systems up to date.