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IT Reviews

We can offer an independent review of your current IT set up which may highlight problems that you didn’t even know existed. Even if you currently have a support agreement with another company, there is a strong and good case for having an independent review of the services they provide and the condition of your network. Errors and small problems can creep into a network and items can get forgotten about. A review can keep your current provider on their toes and strengthen the relationship between the two companies.

If within one month of the review you decide to switch to us or purchase through any software or hardware we recommend as a result of the review, then you will pay nothing for the review.

Fixed Price Support

The Problem

In most small businesses, the role of IT support is often a secondary task for a current member of staff. Unfortunately this means that the IT systems don’t get all the attention they need. Often small things are overlooked and they grow into larger problems which can bring the whole network to its knees. Who has time to keep an eye on how much disk space is left?

Another issue is that of cost. If every little IT support issue has to be cost approved and budgeted, again the little things build up into bigger problems.

The third issue is the way problems are dealt with. Most support companies are reactive which means that you will have to wait until something breaks before someone will come out to fix it at an unknown cost.

The Solution

Managed Services is the answer. A Supacare support contract gives you one single monthly payment which covers all your labour costs whether on site or in our workshop. Included in this is 24×7 monitoring of your servers and workstations so we can spot problems before they cause system failure, regular maintenance visits, remote desktop support and daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Our monitoring software checks a multitude of logs, services and hardware on your server every 5 minutes. It’s like having a technician permanantly sat in front of the server watching over it. If something should go wrong, our software will attempt to fix the problem itself. If it can’t it will inform us and we will try to fix the problem remotely. If we can’t fix it remotely, an engineer will be despatched to fix the problem.

How Much?

Pricing is based on the number of workstations and number of servers. We don’t charge extra for the peripherals such as firewalls and routers like some others do.



We have a fully equipped workshop with fully anti static workstations and procedures in place. Dedicated workshop engineers will work on your equipment and keep you informed of the progress. We stock a range of common parts so most items can be turned around quickly but for more individual or rare parts, we have a wide range of sources which can usually deliver the next day which means that you won’t be without your system any longer than is necessary. In addition our fair pricing policy means that we won’t land you with a huge unexpected bill for hours of work.


In our workshop we can perform most common upgrades such as memory and hard drives. You can rest assured that your equipment will be well handled and protected as our anti static workstation and procedures take care of that. Prior to bringing your system in we will try to determine what is needed and make sure we have the necessary parts available on the day so you get a fast turnaround. In some cases we will need to investigate your equipment in the workshop first to determine the parts needed.

Viruses & Spyware

We’ve got all the tools and equipment to remove these nasties and make sure that your precious data remains safe. In the rare event that we need to wipe your hard drive and re-install your operating system we will make a full backup of your data. Once again our fair pricing policy will ensure that this won’t cost the earth and once the infection is cleared if you are a home user we will install free tools to keep you safe or you can choose one of the paid for protection methods that our business clients use.