Managed Services

What Can We Do For You?

We provide proactive managed IT services using a remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform to continually monitor the health and performance of your IT network without any kind of disruption to your employees’ activities. Our robust RMM platform supports early detection and remediation of issues before they cause downtime or data loss. We will also generate regular reports that provide insight into your IT system, including the business value and services being received, which will help you plan and budget for future IT expenses.

For when “We’ll fix it tomorrow” just isn’t good enough

Managed services is the practice of outsourcing on a proactive basis management responsibilities and functions and a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses. It appears as an alternative to the break/fix or on-demand outsourcing model where the service provider performs on-demand services and bills the customer only for the work done.

Under this subscription model, the client or customer is the entity that owns or has direct oversight of the organization or system being managed whereas the managed services provider (MSP) is the service provider delivering the managed services. The client and the MSP are bound by a contractual, service-level agreement that states the performance and quality metrics of their relationship. (Source: Wikipedia)

Experience shows us that a well designed IT infrastructure with regular proactive maintenance produces 80% fewer support calls, minimal frustration and dramatically increased productivity. We are dedicated to providing the same level of proactive IT support to small and growing businesses that you would expect if you had your own in house IT department. 
Enjoy the freedom to concentrate on your business.

We provide managed services through the use of agents which are installed on each server or workstation. These agents check in to our central management software and our technicians act upon issues that these agents raise. There is a lot of automation included for common errors, our agents will try and fix various problems before alerting an engineer. Many customers who take on our service report better network stability within the first few days.