Contacting staff directly

We’re a friendly, social bunch, our customers are our friends and some of them give us the honour of being friends on social media as well and share contact details.

But, this brings with it a risk. Hostile entities can and do realise that our staff work at a Managed Services Provider and thus have privileged access to hundreds of machines. This makes us a tasty target. We’ve had one or two instances of customer’s personal social media accounts having been compromised and used to try to engage with us. We’ve been vigilant and prevented this from becoming a larger issue.

With this in mind we ask you to not use anything other than our official support channels to contact us for business and support. Please do not use social media, SMS, WhatsApp or direct mobile numbers etc. We will not respond to technical enquiries outside of our official channels, please don’t see this as rudeness, it’s to protect all of us.